April 1, 2020

Congratulations to the April Fan of the Month contest winner, Shanaue from Pensacola, FL. Read Shanaue’s story below.

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Where are you from? Pensacola, FL

What was the first Rascal Flatts song you heard? “Praying For Daylight”

How many years have you been a Rascal Flatts fan? Since the beginning when I first heard their voices. 20 years isn’t enough…

How many Rascal Flatts shows have you been to? Not Enough! 10-15

What is the farthest you have travelled for a Rascal Flatts concert? Across the country to Cozumel!

What’s one thing that sets you apart from other Rascal Flatts fans? There’s no distance too far to travel and there’s nothing I won’t do to be able to see my favorites!

Tell us your favorite Rascal Flatts related story: There’s almost too many to choose. I traveled to Jacksonville, FL in 2018 to see the Flatts. It was right before the school year started (I’m a teacher) and I was celebrating my birthday as well. My mom and aunt were in the seats but myself and a friend (co-teacher as well) were in the pits. This was my first pit experience and it was one for the books. I had a poster we made. Gary stopped, took my poster and wrote a message. He said “thank you” and told me “Happy Birthday.” If that wasn’t enough, a little later he took my phone and signed my case. Some might not consider this huge, but to a teacher that doesn’t get to see her favorite in concert as much as she would like, this was HUGE. I’ll never forget it.

Congratulations go out to Shanaue, she will be receiving a Rascal Flatts prize pack!


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