November 1, 2019

Congratulations to the November Fan of the Month contest winner, Lynn from Wharton, NJ. Read Lynn’s story below.


Where are you from? Wharton, NJ

What was the first Rascal Flatts song you heard? “Prayin’ for Daylight”

How many years have you been a Rascal Flatts fan? 16

How many Rascal Flatts shows have you been to? Once or twice a year since 2004

What is the farthest you have travelled for a Rascal Flatts concert? Jacksonville, Florida from North Jersey

What’s one thing that sets you apart from other Rascal Flatts fans? Since I missed their concert in Jersey I traveled by car to Florida to see them.. that’s dedication.

Tell us your favorite Rascal Flatts related story: When my son was little I would play “Prayin’ for Daylight” and “This Everyday Love” when I brought him to his babysitter. He would always ask me to play them. I remember him saying “these are our songs mommy,” now he’s 16 and still likes to listen to Rascal Flatts and goes to concerts with me. Nice to continue mom and son bonding all these years through Rascal Flatts. Not to mention their songs helped me through some really hard times. Reason I got my “Then you stand” tattoo on my arm whenever I feel like giving up I look at it to remind me when I’m falling I’ve gotta find strength to get back up.

Congratulations go out to Lynn, she will be receiving a Rascal Flatts prize pack!

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