January 4, 2018

Congratulations to January Fan of the Month contest winner Andrea from Harrisburg, IL. Read Andrea’s story here:

My favorite Rascal Flatts memory is from their Tidal Live Stream this summer. I’ve spent the last 8 years rebuilding my life after a drug addiction. I work 6 days a week, 40+ hours. I have also spent the last 7 years raising my son, so I don’t get a lot of time with my own mom. I was lucky enough to attend the All Access Fan club party with her in June. She was more excited than I was. We were sitting in the front row and Gary looked over at us as asked why we were so quiet. I usually work nights, so I told him it was too early to be awake. They sang to me at that point which made my year. When I watched the stream later, the look on my moms face when they sang made the whole trip worth it. I’ve missed that smile and I’m glad I could share that time with her.

Andrea January

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