November 1, 2018

Congratulations to the November Fan of the Month contest winner, Mike from Woodland Park, CO. Read Mike’s story below.


Where are you from? Woodland Park, CO, USA

What was the first Rascal Flatts song you heard? “Prayin’ For Daylight”

How many years have you been a Rascal Flatts fan? 18

How many Rascal Flatts shows have you been to? 20

What is the farthest you have travelled for a Rascal Flatts concert? 910 miles

What’s one thing that sets you apart from other Rascal Flatts fans? It is about the message and beliefs that the band has. It is transferred in their music.

Tell us your favorite Rascal Flatts related story: In Denver several years ago, I took my daughters and was able to get pit passes. Standing beside me was a mother and her 7 year old daughter. All this little girl wanted was for one of the guys to give her a high five. I asked the mom if it would be ok for me to pick her up the next time one of them came by and she said yes. Gary walked over and I picked up this little girl and Gary gave her a high five and put the mic up to her and she got to sing. So many memories to choose from but they always show love to the fans.

Congratulations go out to Mike, he will be receiving a Rascal Flatts prize pack!

RF Fan Story

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